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Football Off-Season Workout

The following summer workout was completed by a high school football player who was training to compete on a college football team.  The workout was created to increase leg strength and to improve the explosion and quickness of the athlete.  Another strength training workout, implemented as part of the summer program, complimented this workout by training the chest and shoulders, and incorporating squats to further increase leg strength. 

Football Off-Season Skill Workout

This sample workout was created for a runningback in football. This skills workout helped to improve the runningback's ability to make decisive cuts for quick changes of direction, while increasing their ability to accelerate upfield.

Basketball Off-Season Workout

The following workout is designed for a basketball player who has advanced several weeks through a strength program.  The workout continues to build strength and power in the legs, while benefiting from explosive movements that will help in basketball.

Basketball Off-Season Skill Workout

This sample workout was created for a basketball player in the 8th grade.  This workout was created to improve the player's skills in dribbling and shooting.  A variety of drills was incorporated in this workout to correct some weaknesses this player had developed with their ball handling and shooting mechanics.

Volleyball Off-Season Workout

The following workout was created to help a sophomore athlete train in the off-season for her upcoming volleyball season.  The athlete's goals was to build leg strength, and improve explosion to help her be more efficient with attacking the net.  The agility drills at the end of this workout focused on improving her coordination and agility by completing movements valuable to volleyball.

Volleyball Off-Season Skill Workout

The following skills workout was developed for a high school volleyball athlete.  The focus of this workout is to improve footwork and multi-directional quickness.  The drills performed in this workout will help to improve an athlete's coordination and body mechanics for the sport of volleyball.

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