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Why do you need a personal trainer?

After starting Champion Sports & Fitness I found out the obvious; people's main reason to not invest in a personal trainer is due to the cost involved with the service. Many people think a personal trainer is not worth the money and they will find ways to get the knowledge and expertise a personal trainer can offer through other means, like finding their own information and workouts on the internet, by reading books, or downloading the latest application on their phone. Although I understand the fear of paying a personal trainer, I do not agree with the decision to not make the investment in a personal trainer.

There are so many benefits to acquiring the services of a personal trainer that makes the investment worthwhile. So, I began to think about what I need to do for potential clients to convince them that Champion Sports & Fitness is worth the investment. I spent time thinking of the past influences in my life (coaches, teachers, co-workers, etc.) and my own experiences, personally and professionally as a teacher and a coach.


1) One-on-One Help!

As a teacher I understand the smaller the class size the more effective I can be as a teacher. When I have the time to focus on one student I can become more effective getting that student to learn. Consider that thought when you debate hiring a personal trainer. If you are working out with a group that is lead by an instructor or coach it is hard for them to provide the focus and care you need to achieve your goals.

2) Quality Service at an Affordable Rate!

The benefits of having a personal trainer is worth the investment when you consider your health and well-being. This is the body you are given so it is important you take care of it. A personal trainer will help you learn how to exercise so you can look good, feel great, and avoid future health problems. At Champion Sports & Fitness we want to offer our quality services, at an affordable rate, so more people can experience the benefits of sports and exercise.

3) The Combination of Fitness and Sports Performance Training!

At Champion Sports & Fitness we work to help people of all ages and abilities with their fitness goals, but we also look to help athletes reach new performance levels by incorporating exercises and movements related to their sport. No matter if you are a higher-level athlete or just getting off the couch we want to improve your coordination, balance, flexibility, and agility along with your strength and power. We will work with you to create a program that will help you become a better overall athlete and perform better at your specific sport.

4) Personable Service to Help You Reach Your Goals!

By working with a trainer you will develop a strong relationship through your journey reaching success. At Champion Sports & Fitness we are continuously looking to satisfy your needs to make this experience enjoyable and worthwhile. We work with you from the time we set up a program, to completing that last difficult repetition, and to the time you are ready for competition. We want you to succeed so we will accommodate to your schedule and your ability level to ensure you meet your goals.

5) We Are With You The Whole Way!

We know you are taking a big step to reach new levels so we are committed to your success. At Champion Sports & Fitness we will maintain a open line of communication with you when you need support and motivation. We understand a person needs a boost sometimes. A person may feel disheartened, distracted, and unmotivated at times. We look to develop a strong connection with our clients so we can provide you comfort through these tough times. Our goal is for you to reach your goals and we are here for you always!

6) Additional Help to Correct Weaknesses!

There are times when a person is already at a high level of fitness or are already receiving help from a group or one of their coaches. They might be training with their friends at school or a gym under the guidance of a coach. They might not really need help with their overall fitness, but there might be a specific weakness that is not improving with their current training. That is where Champion Sports & Fitness could be of help. We can focus on a particular weakness and help you to make it a strength. It could be with your technique on certain exercise, or to improve your skills for your sport. We can provide you additional help to your already existing program.

7) Build Your Confidence Physically and Mentally So You Gain Your Independence!

At Champion Sports & Fitness our goal is to not make you dependent on our help. Our goal is to educate you and to help you reach a level of empowerment that you can go on your own and live a healthy lifestyle. We will teach you what we can about taking care of yourself so you can become independent and apply what you have learned for continued growth.


Please consider Champion Sports & Fitness when selecting a personal trainer. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do then contact us at (218)849-6558 or We are also on Facebook and Twitter providing valuable content to help you learn more about sports and fitness.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

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