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Our private training sessions are designed to provide you an individualized program based on your fitness level, to help you achieve your goals.  A variety of personalized training sessions are available to suit your needs and to assist you in improving your health.


If you are a competitive athlete, we provide private training sessions designed to help you prepare for the next season, race, or competition.  Sport specific programs will be customized to help you improve your strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, speed, and quickness.  


People who would like assistance in achieving their fitness goals, while utilizing the convenience of technology, may want online training.   Personalized online fitness plans are provided, along with email and video consultation to answer your questions and give you the motivation to be successful. 


Champion Sports & Fitness, located in Hawley, MN, was founded June 2016.  I have been in education for over 15 years, as a teacher and a coach, and I have been involved with fitness for over 20 years.  I founded Champion Sports & Fitness to provide help to people who are interested in improving their health, have a passion for fitness, and are involved in competitive sports.  

As a teacher and a coach I enjoy working with people and leading individuals and groups in their pursuit for success.  I wanted to take the passion I have for helping others and use it to help people improve their lives through fitness.   Personally, sports and fitness have played an intricate part of my life in developing the skills and discipline I needed to achieve success.  I want to help others learn how to be successful in life, through sports and fitness. 

Be a Champion Today!

Tom Johnson

Owner/Head Trainer:  Champion Sports & Fitness



"He is knowledgeable, and willing to help any way he can...He is relatable, has knowledge of his craft, and adapts a program to his people. Some words I would use to describe Tom is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, personable, and effective."

~ Cody H.

"I thought that the program, and effort Tom provided was amazing, and I couldn't ask for more. Tom showed me what muscles each lift worked on, why we worked on those specific muscles, the correct form for each lift, and always answered my questions...I also really liked his effort through the whole program. Tom was always ready to go, and arrived early."

~ Jack J.

"Tom was willing to go above and beyond for my daughter, as she came off a surgery.... He read and learned what was best for her recovery. I am extremely likely to recommend Champion Sports & Fitness."

~ Karee


Allow us to help you

achieve your goals!  

Telephone: (218) 849-6558


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